Many people ask the question, where do you start with a creative piece of work?. I suppose this is where you have to decide, do you have a concept or final image in mind? then you can go out and shoot each part of the image and then pull it all together. Alternatively, do you start by photographing the main subject e.g. a character?, then fit the concept or background around them. There’s no rule, but initially I shot many characters at various events, then decided how I could retrofit background and stories behind the character.

Most recently, I have been using a storyboard approach where I envisage the final photographic image, then go out and shoot each component, knowing more where and how it all fits together. A good example of this is the “Raven Queen”, where I shot the main character using high speed sync lighting with a knowledge where it would fit together . I’m using high speed sync technique more and more to try and inject movement into the picture. Anyhow, it’s not easy which ever approach you use. The biggest challenge is designing something new and innovative.