Street Photography

Capturing a unique moment in time

The Fascination of Street Photography

For me, the fascination of Street Photography lies in the opportunity to capture a unique moment which can be frozen in time and then preserved or shared with others. I like the fact that it is spontaneous, candid and un-premeditated. It’s usually about photographing people or situations which occur in public places, so this continually presents the photographer with an array of ever changing challenges and non stop fun.

Photography Tips for Street Photography


Use a wide angle lens 28 or 35mm

Don’t give eye contact


Know the law on the street

Speed is essential, take the shot and walk away


Don’t engage in any discussion or conversation


Try different angles


Study the great street photographers

Develop your own style

Get close with a wide angle lens, then get closer!

Use Zone focussing


Check the background

Capture the context using depth of field, e.g. F10 -F18


Try something new e.g. a street portrait

Develop your own style of post processing

Stay relaxed and enjoy taking the photos