Bringing expression and storytelling through the art of photography

Member of Wigan 10 Foto Club
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I am a photographer based in the Northwest of England with a particular interest in Street Photography and Creative Photography. Since 2016, I have been  a member of Wigan 10, one of the leading photography clubs in the world. Travel, sport and family take up most of my time.

Street Photography

For me, the fascination of Street Photography lies in the opportunity to capture a unique moment which can be frozen in time and then preserved or shared with others.

Travel Photography

I like to combine my love of photography with travel. I’ve been lucky to travel to many places most recently Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Russia.

Creative Photography

In my opinion, Creative Photography combines the best of photography with digital artistry. A creative photograph is made by bringing together many elements from other photographs.

Portraying emotion through the art of photography

I try and create photographs which portray emotion, imagination and a story line. Hopefully I  leave space for some viewer interpretation. Sometimes they ask more questions than they provide answers, but hopefully they alway demanding a second look.