World-wide recognition for my photographs

International Competitions

During 2016 and 2017 I have entering International competitions and have been encouraged by the recognition given to my work. During the last year I have gained over 200 International awards and seen my work published on x countries. I aim to continue participating in these competitions, to attain further photographic distinctions. My current distinctions are CPAGB AFIAP.

In 2016 I joined Wigan 10 photographic club and I am an active participant in Wigan 10’s activities. I’ve made many friends on my photographic journey and it’s great that my grandkids are now involved in photography.

Storming Through


Secret Liaison

Angel of Judgement

Preacher of the Flock

Merchant of Tallinn


Loves Enduring Spirit

Seen but not Heard

The Huntress

The Exorcist

Spirit of the Dancer

National and International Awards

Image TitleSalonCountryAward
Storming ThroughMuscatOmanSilver Medal
Storming ThroughPhotoclubNovi SadSalon HM
Storming ThroughEquinox 3IndiaGold Medal
Storming ThroughDigitalnaIrelandPSA Gold
Storming ThroughDigitalnaCroatiaSalon HM
Storming ThroughVarna PhotographicBulgariaPSA Silver
Storming ThroughSalonAleksinacFSS Hon Mention
ImperiousNizwaOmanBronze Medal
ImperiousPhotoclubRumaDPW HM
ImperiousCheltenhamEnglandFIAP Ribbon
ImperiousGold CoastAustrailiaQIDC HM
ImperiousTownsvilleAustrailiaQIDC Salon Silver
ImperiousVictoria intBelghoriaIUP Gold
ImperiousKanchaparaPhoItnodloiaversFIAP Gold
ImperiousContaiIndiaFIAP Gold
Imperious1st ImpressionIndiaICS Gold
Imperious3 country PacificUSAGAP Silver
3 country PacificSingaporeGPU Bronze
ImperiousCircuit Indian Photo ArtIndia_MaldaFIAP Gold
Varna PhotographicBulgariaGPU HM
ImperiousSalon Photoclub DanubeRomaniaICS HM
ImperiousPhotoclub DanubeBulgariaSalon Praise
Secret LiaisonT T Lens Int.IndiaIUP Bronze
Secret LiaisonVictoria intBohemiaFIAP Ribbon
Secret LiaisonClick ItIndiaClick It Ribbon
Angel of JudgementT T Lens Int.IndiaICS Gold
Angel of JudgementCheltenhamEnglandFIAP Ribbon
Angel of JudgementEquinox 3IndiaBronze Medal
Angel of JudgementDWP 4IrelandSalon HM
Angel of JudgementKanchaparaIndiaIUP Ribbon
Angel of JudgementHooghlyIndiaFIAP Gold
Angel of JudgementPurluria PhotoclubIndiaPPC Merit
Angel of JudgementNewton Abbott SalonEnglandFIAP ribbon
Angel of JudgementChakdaha CameraIndiaISF Gold
Angel of JudgementClub BalericMenorcaGPU Gold
Angel of JudgementIndian Photo ArtIndia_ContaiJudges Choice
Angel of JudgementCircuit Indian Photo ArtIndia_KharagpuPSA Gold
Angel of JudgementCircuitIndiaIUP Ribbon
Preacher of the FlockStartphoto Sofia 2016BulgariaFIAP Diploma
Preacher of the FlockPurluria PhotoclubIndiaPPC Merit
Portfolio 10 Street imagesTrofeo Città di Figline ValdarnoItalyHM prize
Portfolio 10 Street imagesTrofeo Colline del PratomagnoItalyHM prize
Merchant of TallinnGold CoastAustrailiaQIDC HM
Memories of the FallBarrackporeIndiaGPU Ribbon
ReflectingDigitalnaSerbiaSalon HM
ReflectingDigitalnaMontenegroSalon HM
ReflectingPhotoclub DanubeBulgariaGPU HM
Loves Enduring SpiritIndia
Digital Photo Archieve
IrelandPSA HM
Seen but not HeardDoublehalfIndiaDouble Half Merit Award
The HuntressClick ItIndiaChairmans Choice
The HuntressPurluria PhotoclubIndiaIUP Gold
The HuntressNewton Abbott SalonEnglandHonourable Mention
The HuntressPFM InternationalIndiaFIAP Gold
The ExorcistPFM InternationalIndiaICS Gold
The ExorcistDigital Salon Chakdaha CameraIndiaChairmans Choice
The ExorcistClub Indian Photo ArtIndia_KharagpuPSA Gold
The ExorcistCircuit Indian Photo ArtIndia_MaldaIPA Merit
Spirit of the DancerPhotographic societyTaiwanPSTW Bronze

What is a photography salon?

A photography salon is a competition, where the best photographs are selected for a photography exhibition.  Salons are good way of getting your work seen in different countries and also to achieve accreditations for distinctions ( letters). Salons can be credited by many of the renown photographic bodies FIAP, PSA, GPU, BPA.