Reaction Inaction

by | Feb 12, 2018 |

I decided to take to the streets and capture some close up reactions of people to the camera. This is an interesting project to undertake because you just don’t know what reactions you are going to get and sometime people just don’t react at all…hence the title “Reaction Inaction”. So how did approach this?. Up to now, I’ve mainly been using a wide angle lens, which is my standard street kit, either my Leica Q which has a 28mm or Olympus EM1 with my 12mm ( equivalent to 24mm on a full frame camera). Using these focal lenghts,you therefore need to be very close to your subject. Occasionally I may use a longer lens 50mm or even 90mm equivalent, but not very often. So firstly I get close, then pre-focus on the person and then frame the shot once they are in focus. It’s best to wait for a reaction before you take the shot or even use continuous shooting to capture the right reaction.Also make sure the camera is in silent mode. Very often people will look behind them after you have taken the photo as they are unaware that you are photographing them. But sometimes you get interesting reactions.